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Piazza Chat: Preparing for an effective conference presentation

Event location: Online: Piazza.com
Event date and time: 9/25/2017 6:00:00 PM
Moderator: TAMUS AGEP Student Ambassador - Abner Mendoza 

Join TAMUS AGEP student ambassador Abner Mendoza from Texas A&M University as he talks about preparing for an effective conference presentation – everything from the slide deck to preparing for your talk (timing, practice, feedback, etc.). Log on to piazza.com on your computer or use the piazza app on your mobile device to listen and contribute.

AGEP students receive bonuses for participating in piazza events. Piazza café chats allows students the freedom to discuss topics and ask questions in a peer-supportive environment. It is a community to share ideas and learn from one another so all students can reach their academic career goals.