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Dear AGEP students:

Piazza was designed as a community group to connect students.

The AGEP Piazza Café community began with the idea of allowing all AGEP students the opportunity to learn from each other and perhaps have discussions/chats, sharing ideas about any aspect of your career goals and academic issues/challenges. The idea is to start communicating with one another, asking questions and brainstorming.  Enhanced learning results from these activities and information sharing. 

Our desire for the AGEP Piazza Café community is that it serve as a remedy for students who lack the intellectual space, freedom, or support to fulfill their career goals.

In conclusion, the AGEP Piazza Café space belongs to only AGEP STUDENTS!  Faculty will not monitor any communications found there.  Enjoy the freedom to ask any questions, make any comments, or discuss any relevant topics amongst yourselves.  Use this powerful tool to help each other become more competitive in the workplace.

NOTE: At AGEP Piazza Café, you can always opt to post or edit anonymously!

If you did not join already, please go ahead and enroll in the AGEP Piazza Café community (email tamus-agep@tamu.edu) and then sign in to participate in the community at https://piazza.com/ .