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The vision of the proposed program is to develop an Alliance that opens multiple paths to the doctorate and professoriate for URM populations by successfully developing and sustaining large-scale, distributed, yet interconnected STEM communities among the diverse Alliance institutions that increase participation, reduce barriers, and promote success of URM doctoral students preparing for careers in the professoriate.

Long-term Goal

The long-term goal of the Alliance is to increase the number of successful URM STEM faculty by measurably increasing the number of STEM doctoral degrees awarded to URM students each year and increasing the number of URMs transitioning to STEM faculty positions (or to competitive postdocs that lead to faculty positions) 
You can explore resources and events in the matrix, assess your career skills, build your own professional plan, and document your activities in a professional portfolio.


  • Obj. 1 - Increase the number of underrepresented minorities (URMs) entering STEM doctoral degree programs at institutions.
  • Obj. 2 - Reduce the average time to degree for the TAMUS AGEP Alliance URM doctoral students, and increase the percentage of students across the Alliance completing their doctoral degrees in five years.
  • Obj. 3 - Provide the AGEP Alliance students with the preparation necessary to compete for competitive postdocs and faculty positions and increase the number of URMs transitioning from Ph.D. programs to competitive postdocs and faculty positions.
  • Obj. 4 - Foster TAMUS research collaborations to support Alliance-wide collaboration with undergraduate, master’s, and Ph.D. student researchers. Implementation goal is to establish each activity within the first year of the project and to offer them there after as scheduled.


Goals & Objectives

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